Russia's Kursk Air Regiment starts receiving new Su-30SM fighter jets

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Russia's Kursk Air Regiment starts receiving new Su-30SM fighter jets
The Russian Western MD’s Kursk Air Regiment started recieving the first batch of Su-30SM fighters, the district’s press service reported. "Aviation engineers of the Western MD’s Kursk Air Regiment, stationed in the Kursk Region, have begun accepting the first batch of Su-30SM fighters," the report said.
A Su-30SM fighter jet from Russia's Southern Military District Air Regiment
(Credit: Russian Ministry of Defense) 
The new aircraft will replace the MiG-29SMT fighters. The specialists will conduct a comprehensive inspection of the equipment, assess the assembly quality and test the performance of engines, systems and mechanisms in various modes. The flight personnel will perform several check flights, during which the aircraft performance will be tested. Upon completion of the acceptance, the aircraft will be relocated to the airfield at Khalino in the Kursk Region.

Earlier it was reported that the regiment’s pilots had completed re-training for Su-30SM fighters.

The Su-30SM multirole fighter (SM stands for production, modernized) (NATO reporting name: Flanker-H) is designed both to gain air superiority and engage ground and surface targets. The aircraft design uses canard surfaces and thrust vector control (TVC) engines. These solutions give the aircraft super maneuverability.

The Su-30SM is fitted with the Bars multifunctional radar control station. Its ammunition mix includes a wide range of weapons, including air-to-air missiles and precision-guided air-to-ground weapons. The Su-30SM can be used to train pilots to fly advanced single-seat fighters. These aircraft have been in production for the Russian Air Force since 2012.
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