Russian South Military District gets three new Ka-52 combat helicopters

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Russian Southern Military District gets three new Ka-52 combat helicopters
The separate helicopter regiment of the 4th Air and Air Defense Army, which is based in the Krasnodar Territory in south Russia, has received three advanced Kamov Ka-52 (NATO reporting name: Hokum-B) reconnaissance and attack rotorcraft, the district’s press office said.
Russian Southern Military District fets three new Ka 52 combat helicopters 640 001A Russian Ka-52 Hokum-B attack helicopter
(Credit: Russian Helicopters)
Another nine Ka-52 helicopters will arrive for the regiment before the end of November, the press office added.
"A squadron of Ka-52 attack helicopters will be formed within the helicopter regiment by the beginning of a new combat training year that will start on December 1," the press office said.

"Another nine helicopters will arrive for the squadron before the end of November," the press office added.

On December 1, the squadron will start learning to operate the advanced helicopters and undergoing planned combat training.

The pilots will undergo training at the Russian Defense Ministry’s Army Aviation Flight Personnel Combat Training and Retraining Center.

The Ka-52 helicopter is designed to attack the enemy’s armored vehicles, manpower and rotorcraft.

The Ka-52 helicopter can be operated by two pilots, which increases the effectiveness of its maneuvers and combat employment.
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