Rolls-Royce, MD Helicopters to launch new M250-C47E/3 engine for MD 530-series

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Rolls-Royce, MD Helicopters to launch new M250-C47E/3 engine for MD 530-series
Rolls-Royce and MD Helicopters have reached agreement to launch the new M250-C47E/3 variant for MD 530-series and growth derivative airframes. Rolls-Royce is the exclusive engine provider for MD Helicopters’ single-engine platforms.
Rolls-Royce MD Helicopters to launch new M250 C47E 3 engine for MD 530 series 640 001A MDHI MD 530F light multirole helicopter
(Credit: MDHI)
The new agreement continues a long-standing relationship between Rolls-Royce and MD Helicopters. Rolls-Royce M250 engine variants power multiple MD Helicopters aircraft, including the MD 500, MD 520N, MD 530F and MD 600 models.

Jason Propes, Rolls-Royce, Senior Vice President Helicopters and Light Turboprop Engines, said, “Our new M250-C47E/3 provides the power and innovation needed to support the mission requirements of the preferred MD Helicopters MD 530-series aircraft, and is perfectly suited to power the company’s growth airframes as well. The true value of the M250-C47E/3 comes from combining a more robust performing engine with lower direct operating costs. We are excited to continue our long-term relationship with MD Helicopters and to be selected as the exclusive powerplant for their single-engine rotorcraft.

Lynn Tilton, MD Helicopters, Chief Executive Officer, said, “Like MD Helicopters, Rolls-Royce is an iconic rotorcraft brand. I am honored to have built a solid partnership with the Rolls-Royce team that has only grown stronger over the past decade. I look forward to welcoming the M250-C47E/3 as the preferred powertrain for our MD 530-series airframes.”

As a result of the recently signed engine upgrade agreement, the MD 530-series aircraft will be available for purchase following the FAA Type Certification of the M250-C47E/3. The engine includes the Rolls-Royce Value Improvement Package (VIP) and a new dual channel FADEC.

The new M250-C47E/3 improves efficiency and performance. Using technology already proven in the field, the M250-C47E/3 has demonstrated up to 8 percent improvement in ‘hot and high’ power and nearly 4 percent increase in rated take-off power to 675 shaft horsepower. Specific Fuel Consumption (SFC) is reduced, enabling increased range and payload.