RT LTA enters large aerostats market with its SkyGuard1 blimp

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RT LTA enters large aerostats market with its SkyGuard1 blimp
The Israeli-based aerostatcompany, RT LTA Systems, announced the establishment of a new subsidiary called "Aero-T". RT is a world-class designer, developer, and manufacturer of the tactical Aerostat family SkyStar, which is used in intelligence, surveillance, communications and homeland security applications.
RT LTA enters large aerostats market with its SkyGuard 1 blimp 640 001RT LTA/Aero-T's new SkyGuard1 aerostat
(Credit: RT LTA)
RT CEO, Rami Shmueli, will also serve as Aero-T CEO. The other partners in Aero-T have vast experience in the field of aerostats and airships.

Aero-T will develop and manufacture a new family of aerostats called SkyGuard. The new aerostats will be in BLIMP shape, and significantly larger than the SkyStar.

Aero-T has completed the development of the first member in the SkyGuard family, the SkyGuard1. The SkyGuard1 has an ability to carry payloads of up to 90 KG weight, operational elevation of up to 3,000 feet (1,000 meters) and long endurance ability. Taken together, these abilities will allow the aerostat to operate continuously for at least 7 days without maintenance.

The development of the SkyGuard1 also included a ground station for the deployment of the aerostat. The ground station is also developed in-house, following RT's one-stop-shop policy.

The manufacturing of the new aerostats will take place in RT's new facility in Katzrin, in the north of Israel.

According to Rami Shmueli, CEO in RT and Aero-T: "Aero-T's new product is using the most high-end technology in its field, and its qualities compete with the leading companies in the large aerostat market. I'm proud that we managed to develop such a high-end aerostat in a very cost-effective price tag".