Russia's Southern Military District receives four new Su-30SM fighter jets

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Russia's Southern Military District receives four new Su-30SM fighter jets
An Aerospace Forces` wing based in Rostov region has received four Su-30SM (NATO reporting name: Flanker-H) fighters, according to the Press Department of the Southern Military District. "The aircraft have made 4,000-km flight from Irkutsk aircraft plant (Russian acronym: IAZ) to the wing`s airbase. They made two landings for refuelling in Chelyabinsk and Novosibirsk regions", a Press Department`s official said.
Russia Southern Military District receives four ew Su 30SM fighter jets 640 001A RuAF Sukhoi Su-30SM fighter aircraft
Previously it was reported, that in 2016 Russia's Southern Military District would receive more than 25 fixed-wing and about 30 rotor-wing aircraft, including Su-30SM fighters, Su-25SM (Frogfoot) close air support aircraft and combat-recoinaissance Ka-52 (Hokum-B), air-assault Mi-8AMTSh (Hip-H), heavy transport Mi-26T (Halo), electronic warfare (EW) Mi-8MTPR helicopters. As of january 2016, 15 Su-30SM fighter aircraft are currently in service with the Russian Air Force

The multirole Su-30SM is an air superiority fighter dual-hatted for attacking surface targets. The fighter has canards and swiveling-nozzle engines for thrust vector control, being a super-maneuverable aircraft. The Su-30SM mounts the Bars multirole fire control radar and its weapons suite comprises a wide array of weapons, including air-to-air missiles and air-to-surface missiles and smart bombs. The Su-30SM can be used for training pilots in flying future single-seat fighters. The type has been in production for the Russian Air Force since 2012.
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