Russia's Il-112V airlifter model undergoes first wind tunnel tests

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Russia's Il-112V airlifter model undergoes first wind tunnel tests
A dynamic model of the Ilyushin Il-112V military transport plane has undergone the first stage of subsonic wind tunnel flutter tests at Russia’s Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI), the TsAGI press office told TASS. The flutter trials are being carried out on order of the Ilyushin Aviation Complex, the press office added.
Russia Il 112V airlifter model undergoes first wind-tunnel tests 640 001An Il-112V airlifter scale-model started undergoing wind tunnel trials at Russia's Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute
(Credit: TsAGi)
According to the press office, the model is five times smaller and features a wing span of 5.3 meters and a weight of 300 kilograms.

A flight at a speed of 650 km/h (404 mph) was simulated to obtain the specified flutter speed margin. During the trials, TsAGI obtained various types of flutter and registered that the flutter speed was more than the specified speed of 650 km/h.

According to the press office, this data has shown that the plane has a sufficient speed margin, which ensures its flutter safety.

During the experiment, TsAGI also tested other parameters influencing fuel consumption, commercial load, stiffness and potential alterations of the plane’s dynamic characteristics during the flight.

TsAGI will carry out a number of experiments, including the second stage of the flutter tests and frequency response trials of the first prototype, to prove the plane’s safety.

The new-generation Il-112V light military transport plane is designed to replace Antonov An-26 (NATO reporting name: Curl) aircraft.

The Il-112V plane can be used in various geographical and weather conditions. The plane will receive an advanced digital avionics suite.
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