Textron completes integration of Hybrid Quadrotor to Aerosonde SUAS

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Textron completes integration of Hybrid Quadrotor to Aerosonde SUAS
Textron Systems Unmanned Systems has completed the integration of the Hybrid Quadrotor technology to the Aerosonde Small Unmanned Aircraft System. It is a proof of concept system combining vertical take off and landing (VTOL) of a multi-rotor air vehicle, with the speed, efficiency and endurance of Aerosonde’s SUAS fixed-wing aircraft.
Textron completes integration of Hybrid Quadrotor to Aerosonde SUASTextron Systems’ Aerosonde SUAS with the Hybrid Quadrotor technology”
(Credit: Latitude Engineering)
Hybrid Quadrotor technology has been developed by Latitude Engineering using Cloud Cap’s Piccolo autopilot system. This kind of technology could be integrated in various unmanned platforms offering the advantages of VTOL. These include reduced operational footprint, as no runways or launch/recovery infrastructure is required. Therefore, the unmanned system is highly transportable and with low operating costs.

Textron Systems Aerosonde’s SUAS has been operated in various environments, having amassed more than 130,000 flight hours in commercial and military operations. It can accommodate a variety of sensors including EO/IR full motion video, communications relay, AIS or other intelligence payloads.

David Phillips, VP of Small/Medium Endurance Unmanned Aircraft Systems at Textron Systems Unmanned System, said: “With its size, endurance and power, as well as experience in harsh environments from desert heat to the Arctic air, the Aerosonde SUAS has already proven its multi-mission capabilities. Now, with the potential to add VTOL capabilities, the mission possibilities are almost endless. The system could be launched from the smallest operational areas – adding an array of applications both on land and at sea.