The USAF takes delivery of its 31st C-5M Super Galaxy strategic airlifter

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The USAF takes delivery of its 31st C-5M Super Galaxy strategic airlifter
Lockheed Martin delivered the 31st C-5M Super Galaxy to the U. S. Air Force on Oct. 23. A crew from the 22nd Airlift Squadron at Travis Air Force Base, Travis Air Force Base, California, ferried the aircraft from the Lockheed Martin facility here to Stewart Air National Guard Base, New York, where it will undergo internal paint restoration.
The USAF takes delivery of its 31st C 5M Super Galaxy strategic airlifter 640 001The 31st Lockheed Martin C-5M Super Galaxy takes off on its ferry flight on Oct. 23, 2015
(Credit: Lockheed Martin photo by Damien Guarnieri)
Once paint restoration is completed, the aircraft will then be flown to Travis. It will be the 13th Super Galaxy assigned to the base near Fairfield, located between Sacramento and San Francisco.

The aircraft (U. S. Air Force serial number 84-0060) as originally delivered to the Air Force in April 1984 and has recorded approximately 20,930 flight hours over its career.

The C-5M Super Galaxy is the result of a two-phase modernization effort: the Avionics Modernization Program (AMP) and the Reliability Enhancement and Re-engining Program (RERP).

AMP adds a new, modern cockpit with a digital, all-weather flight control system and autopilot; a new communications suite; flat-panel displays; and enhanced navigation and safety equipment. Enhancements such as the integrated datalink capabilities, predictive flight performance cues and situational awareness displays (the Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System) greatly ease crew workload and enhance situational awareness. AMP is the digital backbone to support RERP.

W ith more powerful GE CF6-80C2 commercial engines (military designation F138-GE-100) engines and 70 major enhancements, the C-5M Super Galaxy can deliver the globe in one flight, unrefueled. The C-5M is an airlift revolution. With more capability, reliability and affordability than its predecessors, the world record-setting C-5M is rewriting the strategic airlift playbook.

The new engine produces more than 50,000 pounds of thrust – a 22 percent increase over current TF39 engines – and is Stage IV noise compliant. The C-5M also has a 58 percent greater climb rate to an initial cruise altitude that is 38 percent higher than the current C-5. This capability delivers fuel savings greater than 20 percent compared to other airlifters. With improved reliability and unmatched range and payload capability, the C-5M provides our nation with the ability to respond to a crisis anywhere in the world with the largest payload of vital supplies on a moment’s notice.