Sikorsky won $940 mn in US Army aircraft support contracts

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Sikorsky won $940 mn in US Army aircraft support contracts
Sikorsky Aircraft, a subsidiary of Lockheed Martin Corp, has won two separate contracts worth $940 million to carry out maintenance, logistics and other work aimed at supporting US Army weapons systems, the Pentagon said on Monday, Nov. 30, 2015.
Sikorsky won 940 mn in US Army weapon systems support contracts 640 001Sikorsky will provide support for US Army's H-60 helicopters weapon systems
Sikorsky won one contract worth $833 million under a general US Army sustainment contract that runs through Dec. 31, 2016, the US Defense Department said in its daily digest of major contract awards.

The company also won a contract worth $106.5 million to provide technical, engineering, logistics services and supplies, and 100 percent parts support for the H-60 weapons system, it said. That contract runs through Nov. 30, 2016.