Iranian Army test-fires homegrown Heydar air-to-ground missile from attack helicopter

A Bell 214 attack helicopter of the Iranian Army Ground Force has successfully test-fired the domestically-developed Haydar air-to-ground missile during a two-day massive military exercise that took place in the country’s central province of Isfahan, Iran Press TV reports.

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Iranian Army test fires homegrown Haydar air to ground missile from attack helicopter A Bell 214 of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army Ground Force armed with aHeidar air-to-ground missiles during Eghtedar (Authority) 1402 military exercises in Nasrabad region of Isfahan province, central Iran, on October 28, 2023 (Picture source: Tasnim news agency)

On October 27, the second day of a large-scale exercise codenamed Eghtedar (Authority) 1402 in the Nasrabad region, the missile was fired from a Bell 214 chopper and precisely struck the designated target from a distance of 30 km (18.6 miles) away.

Heidar Missile is an air-to-ground missile that was unveiled on April 25, 2019, while it was mounted on a Cobra attack helicopter. It has been designed by the Armed Forces Logistics (Iran) and the Army Aviation. The missile relies on a GPS guidance system enabling the pilot to have complete control over the projectile and navigate it toward the intended target.

The missile is said to be 3.83 meters long and weighs nearly 40 kg. The air-to-ground missile is capable of carrying a 20-kg warhead. It can destroy fixed and mobile targets. Given its significant destructive power, it is intended to target armored vehicles as well as concrete bunkers.