Chinese company CH UAV developing new-type of loitering munition with super-long range

China's CH UAV company recently announced that it is developing a new type of super-long-range loitering munition which delivers a number of new functions, Liu Xuanzun reports in Global Times.

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Chinese company CH UAV developing new type of loitering munition with super long range Prototypes of CH-7 stealth UAV and other Caihong series drones, and FH-97A displayed in the exhibition hall of the Airshow China 2022 (Picture source: Tao Ran, courtesy of Caihong UAV of CASC)

Aerospace CH UAV Co Ltd is currently working on a cutting-edge loitering munition inspired by the advanced AR air-to-ground missile series technology. This versatile munition is designed to perform a variety of critical missions on the battlefield, such as acting as a communications relay, disrupting and suppressing radar, delivering precise strikes against time-sensitive targets, and evaluating battle damage.

The loitering munition stands out due to its exceptional endurance, extended range, formidable destructive capabilities, and cost-effectiveness. It can operate independently or seamlessly collaborate with other weapons and systems within an integrated framework.

A leading player in the industry, CH UAV is renowned for its range of CH series drone products, which includes battle-proven models like the CH-3 and CH-4, as well as more powerful versions like the CH-5 and CH-6. Additionally, they offer the stealth-capable CH-7 and the innovative tilt-rotor CH-10. To complement its drone lineup, CH UAV has also developed the AR series air-to-ground missiles, which encompass a range of drone-deployed missiles weighing between 10 to 100 kg.

The company's new loitering munition is expected to be fully compatible with their existing CH series drones, further enhancing their capabilities and offering greater flexibility on the battlefield.