Hensoldt awarded contract to equip Eurofighters with radar electronics

According to a press release published by Hensoldt on May 11, 2021, having been commissioned back in March to produce and deliver ECRS Mk1 radars, sensor solutions supplier HENSOLDT has now been awarded a further order worth some 50 million euros under the German Air Force’s Quadriga procurement program for 38 Eurofighter combat aircraft.

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Hensoldt awarded contract to equip Eurofighters with radar electronics Quadriga variant of the Eurofighter (Picture source: The Aviationist)

In the context of the Quadriga program, HENSOLDT has been commissioned by the European EuroRADAR consortium to produce and deliver radar electronic components which will be manufactured at HENSOLDT’s site in Ulm. In addition to HENSOLDT, the consortium also includes Indra, Leonardo Italy, and Leonardo UK.

The EuroRADAR consortium has already delivered more than 400 radars for the Eurofighters currently in operation today. HENSOLDT has been involved in their development and production within the consortium since the beginning. Last year, HENSOLDT was awarded the contract to further develop the radar for the German and Spanish Eurofighter fleets to the latest Mk1 standard as lead together with Indra.

The Typhoon is a highly agile aircraft both at supersonic and at low speeds, achieved through having an intentionally relaxed stability design. The aircraft is constructed of carbon-fiber composites, glass-reinforced plastic, aluminum lithium, titanium, and aluminum casting.

The Typhoon features a glass cockpit without any conventional instruments. It incorporates three full-color multi-function head-down displays (MHDDs), a wide angle head-up display (HUD) with forward-looking infrared (FLIR), a voice and hands-on throttle and stick (Voice+HOTAS), a Helmet Mounted Symbology System (HMSS), a MIDS, a manual data-entry facility (MDEF) located on the left glareshield and a fully integrated aircraft warning system with a dedicated warnings panel (DWP).

The Eurofighter Typhoon is fitted with two Eurojet EJ200 engines, each capable of providing up to 60 kN (13,500 lbf) of dry thrust and >90 kN (20,230 lbf) with afterburners. It has a maximum takeoff weight of 11,000 kg and can fly at a maximum speed of 2,125 km/h with a maximum combat range of 1,389 km.

The Eurofighter is armed with on revolver gun Mauser BK27mm. It also has 13 hardpoints for weapon carriage, four under each wing and five under the fuselage that can be armed with a wide range of weapons including air-to-air, cruise, anti-radar, anti-armor, and anti-ship missiles.