Turkish Aerospace Industries unveils T629 unmanned electric-powered attack helicopter

The preliminary prototype of Turkey’s unmanned and electric version of the T629 helicopter was displayed for the first time at the end of February.

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Turkish Aerospace Industries unveils T629 unmanned electric powered attack helicopter T629 attack helicopter (Picture source: Twitter)

The T629 attack helicopter was exhibited during a ceremony in which Turkey’s General Directorate of Security also received its first T129 Tactical Reconnaissance and Attack Helicopter (ATAK). The T629 helicopter project is on its way since 2017, and the assembling of the first flight model began in 2019.

Developed to be unmanned and electric, T629 will weigh 6 tonnes and be equipped with 70 mm unguided missiles and L-UMTAS anti-tank missiles. Turkish Aerospace (TAI) is also developing a classic manned configuration of the T629 helicopter. These are the only details known at this date.

The helicopter is expected to make its debut soon.