IDEF 2021: Multirole Heavy Combat Helicopter on display

Turkish Aerospace Industries showcased the Multirole Heavy Combat Helicopter during the International Defense Industry Fair, IDEF 2021, held in Istanbul from August 16 to 20.

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Multirole Heavy Combat Helicopter on display 01 Heavy Duty Attack Helicopters, with modern avionics systems, is planned to be more competitive and innovative compared to helicopters of similar classes. With a capacity of carrying 1200 kgs of munitions (excluding launchers), the rotorcraft is designed to meet the operational needs (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Multirole Heavy Combat Helicopter, also called "Heavy Duty Attack Helicopter" is designed with completely local capacities.

Conceived as a combination of T129 ATAK and T625, Heavy Duty Attack Helicopter is using the sub-systems such as transmission, rotor systems and landing gears developed under the T625 Utility Helicopter Project as well as the technological know-how, operational experience and achievements gained through the T129 ATAK Helicopter Project.

Heavy Duty Attack Helicopter, will be a combat helicopter that can successfully perform its missions in harsh geographical and environmental conditions, which will have increased payload capacity and modern avionic systems alongside with high performance and low maintenance cost.

Multirole Heavy Combat Helicopter on display 03

Multirole Heavy Combat Helicopter on display 02 Heavy Duty Attack Helicopter characteristics (Picture source: Army Recognition)