Indian Air Force to lease A330 MRTT tankers from France

According to the Hindustan Times, the Indian Air Force (IAF) is planning to lease A330 Multi Role Tanker Transport (MRTT ) from France. A first one for training purposes then five more in a second time to serve as tankers for IAF's fighters.

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Indian Air Force to lease A330 MRTT tankers from France 02 A330 MRTT during desert knight 21 exercise(Picture source: Armée de l'air)

India already issued a request for information (RFI) for a single aircraft. A request for proposals route will be used for the additional five MRTTS.

The Airbus A330 Multi Role Tanker Transport is an aerial refuelling tanker aircraft based on the civilian Airbus A330-200. The A330 MRTT has a maximum fuel capacity of 111,000 kg (245,000 lb) without the use of additional fuel tanks, which leaves space for the carriage of 45,000 kg (99,000 lb) of additional cargo.

The A330 MRTT's wing has common structure with the four-engine A340-200/-300 with reinforced mounting locations and provision for fuel piping for the A340's outboard engines. The A330 MRTT's wing therefore requires little modification for use of these hardpoints for the wing refuelling pods.