Leonidas system by Epirus to counter swarm of drones

Californian company Epirus says it has developed a transportable energy weapon that can immobilize an entire swarm of drone.

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Leonidas system by Epirus to counter swarm of drones Leonidas system (Picture source: Epirus)

Leonidas is a counter-electronics system with the power and precision to disable multiple threats across a wide area or neutralize a single system in tight, crowded spaces. Epirus’ approach to Leonidas shifts the paradigm for directed energy, delivering unprecedented counter-electronics capabilities that would traditionally occupy entire rooms’ worth of space into a flexible, mobile package that can fit in the back of a truck.

Leonidas uses solid-state, software-defined high-power microwave to disable electronic targets, delivering unparalleled control and safety to users. Digital beamforming enables pinpoint accuracy so that users disable threats and nothing else.

According to the company, the AI-software-controlled system could be used to counter a full swarm of drones: during a demo, Leonidas was able to take out all 66 drone targets and was even able to down multiple targets in one attack.

Epirus created the first solid-state direct energy microwave that doesn’t use vacuum tubes or require a truckload of coolant to operate. The company Gallium Nitride (GaN) because of its ability to operate at high voltages with low temperatures, high power density, to reduce the size (S), weight (W) and power (P) of its products.This “SWaP Factor” delivers power and performance in an industry-leading small form factor.