Avtomatika Concern of Rostec displays anti-drone weapons

Avtomatika Concern of Rostec demonstrates new and prospective anti-drone means at Kudinovo range in Kaluga region. They include Rubezh-Avtomatika, Sapsan-Bekas, reconnaissance and monitoring stations, and other designs, Rostec said.

Avtomatika Concern of Rostec displays anti drone weapons 01 Sapsan-Bekas mobile system designed to detect and disable drones (Picture source: Rostec)

Avtomatika Concern of Rostec displays anti drone weapons 03The device consists of three subsystems: signals detection and direction finding of drones, active radar, video and optoelectronic tracking, as well as a subsystem of radio suppression. Sapsan-Bekas is capable of round-the-clock monitoring of the airspace and recognizing airborne objects using video and thermal imaging tools (Picture source: Rostec)

Rubezh-Avtomatika is a new design with an intellectual control to detect and neutralize drones without human interference. It can be used in field and city conditions, installed in open sites and on roofs. The complex is easily transportable. The deployment time does not exceed five minutes. The complex comprises radio reconnaissance and adaptive electronic jamming. It can operate automatically and manually.

“Presentations are held at the range. Various drones fly at distances of 30 km and their detection and counteraction are demonstrated. The anti-drone designs cause major interest of foreign customers. The concern has earlier presented key solutions in the sphere at DefExpo arms show in India. It demonstrated anti-drone systems to African representatives at Russia-Africa forum and to foreign customers at Dubai Airshow,” Avtomatika CEO Vladimir Kabanov said.

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