Myasishchev plant upgrades Antonov An-140-100 for air survey

The Myasishchev Experimental Machine-Building Plant of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) completed the upgrade of a serial An-140-100 aircraft for air survey, the UAC said.

Myasishchev plant upgrades Antonov An 140 100 for air survey 925 001 Antonov An-140-100 (Picture source: Rostec)

"A set of design and technological documentation was issued, as well as additions to technical documentation. The aircraft had the glider and systems upgraded and special equipment installed to conduct aerial mapping," it said.

The upgraded aircraft will begin trials shortly to test operation in various conditions on the ground and in the air to confirm the safety and reliability of design and operability of the equipment.

The Myasishchev plant designs special designation aircraft. It created high-altitude Geofisica M-55 aircraft with unique characteristics for scientific research of the upper layers of the stratosphere. "We are sure that our new design will be successful," Managing Director of the enterprise Alexander Gorbunov said.

The upgraded An-140-100 will survey terrain with a high resolution. The images are necessary for various fields. They can be used to create digital terrain information with electronic and digital maps, special and 3D models of the surface and bed of water reservoirs, shelf and inland waters.

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