Citadel Defense wins contract with US Air Force for Titan anti-drone system

The US Air Force has notified Citadel Defense of a new counterpart to provide an additional mobile anti-drone system. Citadel Defense announced to have won a new contract with the US government, and more specifically the US Air Force. In this context, the manufacturer will supply its Titan anti-UAV system, capable of creating a protection bubble. This is not the first contract awarded by Citadel Defense to equip US forces and government agencies.

Citadel Defense wins contract with US Air Force for anti drone Titan system Titan anti-UAV system is capable of creating a "protection bubble" (Picture source: Citadel Defense)

The amount of this sale has not been revealed, as well as delivery times. Citadel Defense has also not detailed what this contract includes.

The Titan system combines deep learning and artificial intelligence to automatically detect the presence of drones and drone swarms and thus prevent their intrusion into the protected environment. It also includes a brick identification and neutralization. "Titan was developed to operate autonomously using artificial intelligence. This allows operators to focus on their mission and not on the implementation of the equipment as such, "says Citadel Defense. Several versions of the anti-drone system have been developed by the company, to protect ground or mobile operators but also fixed installations.

In this sense, Titan technology meets multiple needs. This system thus makes it possible to protect military installations, state infrastructures, events, and many others. In the military field, the Titan system can also be deployed to protect a maritime fleet. "In an environment where the safeguarding of the means of communication is a critical issue, the fact that Citadel technology does not interfere with communications on board makes it possible to cope with the drone threat without impacting the conduct of critical missions", announces 'industrial.