Minoga helicopter upgraded for Arctic

The latest Russian Minoga helicopter will be upgraded for Arctic operations, the Izvestia daily writes.

Minoga helicopter upgraded for Arctic Minoga helicopter (Picture source: Russian Helicopters )

The Defense Ministry told the newspaper the tactical-technical characteristics had been designed. The helicopter will operate from warships, Arctic airfields and naval bases such as the Arctic Trilistnik. The helicopter will undergo a major upgrade for very cold temperatures. It will also get a unique navigational system which precisely determines coordinates even without GPS/GLONASS.

The Arctic option will have an additional power plant to start up the main engine in bitter frost, as well as rescue and heating systems for the crew to survive in Polar conditions in case of a crash.

Since 1980s Ka-27 have been the main naval helicopters in Russia. They are reliable but will need a replacement in future. Several years ago Minoga (product 450) R&D was announced. It will have an antisubmarine, transportation and airborne options. The technical configuration has been agreed, as well as the main operational and economic characteristics.

Warships will engage antisubmarine or airborne-airlifter options. In the Arctic a transport and airborne helicopter is mostly necessary to connect northern bases, such as the Arctic Trilistnik on Franz-Joseph Land, as well as garrisons, air defense and naval bases and border posts.

Minoga can operate as a scout, guidance provider and an antisubmarine helicopter from warships or coastal airfields. Specific attention is currently paid to the Arctic where military units are supplied with new hardware. The ground forces of the Northern fleet have been called the Arctic forces. The 14th army corps comprises the 80th motorized rifle brigade in Alakurtti settlement in Murmansk region and the 99th tactical group deployed in Kotelny island.

The brigade in Alakurtti is armed with Arctic hardware comprising unique TREKOL-39294 and Berkut snow-and-swamp going vehicles, quads, tracked Vityaz DT-30 all-terrain vehicles, T-72B tanks, bulldozers, drones, and air-cushioned boats. If necessary, the brigade can engage in maneuverable Arctic combat.

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