Turkey to get Asisguard Songar UAVs armed with machine gun

The Turkish army is about to be equipped with a drone armed with a 5.56mm machine gun, possibly coupled to a 40mm grenade launcher. This will make this army the first in the world to use such a system.

Turkey to get Asisguard Songkar UAVs armed with machine gun 02 Songar UAV (Picture source: Asisguard )

The SONGAR Armed Drone System is the FIRST NATIONAL automatic shooting stabilized armed drone. With high-quality design and outstandingly remarkable functions, it was developed to be used efficiently in all military and security-based day and night operations. The SONGAR  Armed Drone System is equipped with an automatic machine gun, it can carry out missions within a range radius of 10 km, operate altitude of 2800 meters MSL, transmit real time images. It is equipped with a specially designed flexible ammunition feed chute (ammunition belt) and an automatic firing mechanism, can carry 200 pcs 5.56 x 45 mm NATO Class bullets.

SONGAR can continue any mission without any special intervention, bullet box can be replaced rapidly. The SONGAR FIRST NATIONAL ARMED DRONE increases survival against harassment fire in patrol zones and fortress patrol areas, or in the event of any ambush or threat during the transition of land vehicles and convoys. Due to its large number of airdrop bullet shooting capability, it can also be used for offensive
purposes when necessary

That is accurate enough for every bullet to hit a human-sized target at that range. A human drone pilot picks the target by putting crosshairs on it using a screen on a remote control.

Songar has night sensors for operating in darkness and has a range of 10 kilometers. It may also operate in groups. Ayhan Sunar at Asisguard says a swarm of three Songar can be flown using a single remote control, with all three firing at a target simultaneously.