Paris Air Show 2019: Rafael unveils a unique SAR feature for its Litening and Reccelite EO pods

At Paris Air Show 2019, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. presents its fifth generation Litening and Reccelite systems, effectively transforming them from traditional EO pods into EO+, with the addition of a unique SAR feature and the optional application of additional EO+ features, such as (EW, Comm, IRST). This constitutes a revolutionary quantum leap in all-weather, stand-off targeting and reconnaissance pods.

Rafael unveils a unique SAR feature for its Litening and Reccelite EO pods Paris Air Show 2019 925 001 Rafael fifth generation Litening and Reccelite systems at Paris Air Show 2019, International Aviation and Aerospace defense exhibition in France. June 18, 2019. (Picture source Air Recognition)

Litening is the most popular pod in the world, with over 1900 units already in service. They are deployed by 27 Air Forces around the world.

Rafael teamed with ELTA to equip Litening with a powerful SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar), adding significant capabilities to the Litenings's EO, multi-spectral, stand-off pod, significantly expanded wide area coverage and true day/night, all-weather operation. This first-ever addition of SAR to an EO pod solves the EO challenge of target identification when flying above clouds.

The high-performance SAR sensor joins Litening’s set of high-resolution MWIR, SWIR, and HD color sensors ‒ all incorporated in a single, sophisticated stand-off pod.
Reducing pilot workload, Litening + SAR increases mission efficiency through full support of JDAM, LGB and INS/GPS-guided munitions. The pods are equipped with a laser designator, and laser marker for joint missions, as well as an optional Data Link for CAS missions and stand-off ranges.

Litening is integrated and operational on over 25 types of aircraft ‒ including the F-16, F-15, AV8B, F-18, F-4, F-5, A-10, B-2, Jaguar, LCA, AMX, Mirage 2000, Tornado, Typhoon, MiG21, Mig27, M346, KC390, Gripen, and Sukhoi 27 & 30.