MAKS 2019: Russia and Indonesia discuss Su-35 supply details

Indonesia remains interested in Russian Su-35 fighter jets and the parties are discussing technical issues of the contract, Director of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSVTS) Dmitry Shugayev said at MAKS airshow

.MAKS 2019 Russia and Indonesia discuss Su 35 supply details

 Su-35 (Picture source: Air recognition)

"The interest remains. We have to complete the discussion of some technical issues," he said.

The delivery time has not been specified yet, FSVTS said.

The contract with Jakarta on 11 Su-35 was reported in early 2018, however the implementation has not begun because of US sanctions. In July the ambassador of Indonesia in Moscow said the delay was caused by a complicated trade scheme which involves various ministries and companies.

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