MAKS 2019: KRET showcases latest electronic upgrades

Radio-electronic Technologies Concern (KRET) displayed the latest helicopter and airplane equipment, as well as air purification system for spacecraft at MAKS-2019 airshow, the company said.

maks 2019 kret showcases new eletronic upgrades The MI-24P-1M Demonstrator helicopter

The upgraded Ansat helicopter with a medical module is demonstrated at the show. "New electronic equipment allows the craft to operate round-the-clock in bad weather which is necessary in case of hospitalization," KRET CEO Nikolai Kolesov said.

KRET also showcases a demonstrator of the MI-24P-1M with new radar and upgraded electronic components.

The company also demonstrates radio communications for civilian aircraft, a line of onboard multirole indicators of a new generation, new multirole air meters for MC-21 airplane, etc.

"It is appropriate to distinguish the design of Ramenskoe Instrument Manufacturing Plant comprising air purification and decontamination devices. A broad range of devices and their configuration make them fit for air and spacecraft," the company said.

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