ADEX 2017: LIG Nex 1 promoting new KGGB guided bomb

ADEX 2017
Seoul International Aerospace & Defense Exhibition
17 - 22 October 2017
Seoul Airbase - Republic of Korea
ADEX 2017: LIG Nex 1 promoting new KGGB guided bomb
At ADEX 2017, the South Korean defense company LIG Nex 1 is putting the spotlight on its Korean GPS-Guided Bomb (KGGB) precision guided munition. Developed in partnership with the Agency for Defense Development (ADD), LIG Nex1 KGGB air-to-surface smart bomb is being used by the ROKAF since 2014.
ADEX 2017 LIG Nex 1 promoting new KGGB guided bomb 001 LIG Nex 1 KGGB precision guided bomb at ADEX 2017
KGGB is a mid-range air-to-surface GPS/INS guided bomb system that has improved range and accuracy. When attached to a conventional weapon or guided bomb, it enables the bomb to maneuvers like a glider to engage hiding enemies.

Initial version was improved with US military global positioning system (GPS) technology. The upgrade was expected to compensate for the bomb’s vulnerability to signal jamming.

The development of the Korea GPS-Guided Bomb, which involved over on investment, has succesfully completed after performing compatibility tests that involved five types of aircraft: F-4E, F-15K, KF-16 F-5E, and FA-50.

With the KGGB, the pilot on the ground establishes his mission plan on a computer and saves it in the pilot display unit (DPU), which controls and communicates with the KGGB. In the meantime, technicians assemble and inspect the KGGB before loading it upon an aircraft. The pilot then boards the aircraft and once more checks the KGGB.

The KGGB can be mounted on an aircraft without any modification or revisions to the interface. This is because the pilot carries a portable PDU, which he is using to control the KGGB.