Interview of the head of Military Advisors about Meteor at MBDA during the Dubai AirShow 2013

World Air Force News - Dubai Air Show 2013
Interview of the head of Military Advisors about Meteor at MBDA during the Dubai AirShow 2013.

At the Dubai Airshow 2013, MBDA puts special focus on the most effective solution available for protecting assets in the littoral, from swarming fast attack craft, a beyond visual range air-to-air weapon that far exceeds the capabilities (Meteor) of any other missile in its category as well as a range of anti-ship missiles (Exocet) and the latest developments in naval and ground based air defence systems.

MBDA at Dubai Airshow 2013 (photo credit: Air Recognition)

Air Launched Weapons

As Europe’s leading supplier of guided weapons, MBDA is closely associated with the latest generation of European air platforms such as Rafale and Eurofighter, as well as the Mirage 2000 which has been in service for some time with the air forces of Qatar and the UAE. To maximize the operational performance of these exceptional aircraft and to provide them with a true multi-role capability, MBDA offfers a range of air-to-air and air-to-surface products.

METEOR will provide the key future BVR (Beyond Visual Range) air-to-air armament for Europe’s new generation of combat platforms such as the Eurofighter Typhoon, the Rafale and the Gripen. This missile’s very long range, combined with its ramjet-induced speed, result in a weapon that has an unequalled No Escape Zone. In fact METEOR has been designed to be many times superior to the most sophisticated of current and emerging BVR missile capabilities. The advanced technology contained within METEOR controls speed and fuel consumption throughout the flight envelope. This ensures that maximum power and hence agility are maintained at the extremes of range where other BVR missiles have long since ceased being effective.