SIAE 2017
International Paris Air Show Show
19 - 25 June 2017, Paris-Le Bourget, France
Paris Air Show 2017: Lacroix Featuring its State-of-the-Art Countermeasures
At Paris Air Show 2017, French company Lacroix, specializing in self-protection pyrotechnic systems and training devices for airborne, land and naval applications, is showcasing a wealth of innovations .
Lacroix countermeasures Paris Air Show SIAE 2017 Paris Le Bourget France 1Lacroix stand at Paris Air Show 2017 featuring a giant LIR111 cartridge as its centerpiece!
On the product front, international business is driven by present forecasts for orders or delivery of the Rafale (France, Egypt, India, Qatar…) and Airbus A400M (Indonesia, Malaysia, Europe, …).

Exceptional decoy flares for the last generation aircraft.
Lacroix has a legitimate position in these international contracts thanks to its new versions of decoy flares, including specific series for the A400M, 120 A400M and LIR 121 A400M and, of course for the Rafale (LIR 410 and LIR 411V1).
Lacroix countermeasures Paris Air Show SIAE 2017 Paris Le Bourget France 2LIR 111A2 IR cartridge for helicopters on Lacroix stand at Paris Air Show 2017
At Paris Air Show 2017, Lacroix is showcasing its range of cuttingedge countermeasure and pyrotechnic solutions, and most specifically:
• IR decoy flares (MTV, spectral and kinematic) and 1”x1” chaff countermeasures in compliance with STANAG 4687 to protect helicopters (NH90, Caracal, Tiger, etc.) transport aircraft (C-130, C-295, KC-390, etc.) and, of course, fighter jets (F16, etc.)
• NATO 2”x1” combat-proven decoy flares for fighter jets (F16, FA18, etc.) and transport aircraft, operated around the world by numerous countries.
• Specific calibers to fighter jets – 40mm/50mm/60mm – from the Mirage 2000 to the Rafale or the Sukhoi 30. Lacroix's R&D department stays ahead of the evolving requirements for countermeasures to protect combat aircraft.
• Pyro-mechanisms have both military and space applications. For example, did you know that our R&D teams at LACROIX design special components to take part in highly innovative projects such as the Micro-Carb and One Web satellites and the Ariane 6 launcher with players such as Pacific Scientific and the CNES.
• Training solutions: tracking flares, practice bombs...

Last but not least, Lacroix launched a new website for for the 52nd edition of the Paris Air Show. Check it out at this link.
Lacroix countermeasures Paris Air Show SIAE 2017 Paris Le Bourget France 3Practice bomb F4 and AVDEF towed target on Lacroix stand at Paris Air Show 2017