Belarusian Air Force takes delivery of four Yak-130 trainer aircraft 2804154

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Belarusian Air Force takes delivery of four Yak-130 trainer aircraft
A solemn ceremony to hand over four new training and light combat aircraft Yak-130 to personnel of the 116th guards assault airbase of the Belarusian Air Force took place at the Lida airfield on 27 April, reported yesterday the Belarusian newspaper BelTA. The four new aircraft will make up an independent wing as part of the airbase.

Belarusian Air Force new Yak-130 light attack and trainer aircraft
The aircraft were delivered to Belarus on board of an IL-76 cargo aircraft. They were then assembled by specialists of the Russian R&D corporation Irkut using the premises of the 116th airbase.

Belarusian pilots and technicians are learning how to fly and provide maintenance services for this kind of aircraft at the aviation personnel training center in the Russian city of Zhukovsky.

Taking part in the aircraft handover ceremony were representatives of the Belarus government, the diplomatic corps, high-ranking officers of the Belarusian army, the Air Force and Air Defense command, and a delegation of the Russian R&D corporation Irkut.

The Yak-130 aircraft is the second weapon system delivered to the Belarusian army after the air defense missile system Tor-M2. Developed by the Yakovlev Design Bureau, the two-seat aircraft Yak-130 is designed to offer basic and advanced training for frontline pilots. As an advanced training aircraft, the Yak-130 is able to replicate the characteristics of several 4+ generation fighters as well as the fifth-generation Sukhoi T-50. It can also perform light-attack and reconnaissance duties, carrying a combat load of 3,000 kg.