Russian Air Force to receive two more A-50U AWACS aircraft by 2019

The Russian Defense Ministry will receive two modernized A-50U long-range radar detection aircraft this year, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Alexei Krivoruchko said.

A 50U russia A Russian Air Force A-50U Mainstay AWACS aircraft at Army-2017 defense exhibition

"A very serious modernization campaign is under way. We will receive another two aircraft this year. Modernization of all combatant vehicles, which are in service with military units, will also continue," Krivoruchko said after visiting the Taganrog Aviation Scientific-Technical Complex named after G.M. Beriyev.

The A-100 aircraft system should undergo state trials soon. "The first A-100 flight has already taken place. The flying craft is entering state trials. We are sure that it’s going a very good aircraft, which meets most modern requirements," Krivoruchko said without specifying the date for starting the state trials.

At the same time, he noted that the designers of the new long-range radar detection aircraft had encountered a number of technical difficulties, which they are now trying to resolve.

A contract for delivering three Be-200 amphibious aircraft to the military is to be signed soon. The Russian Defense Ministry will receive the first aircraft in 2019. "We have made agreement with the Beriyev or the purchase of the first shipment of this aircraft. The contract is to be concluded soon. Everything goes according to plan and we expect the first aircraft to be received by the troops in 2019," Krivoruchko went on to say. The aircraft will be designed a search and rescue craft.

"The troops are expected to receive the first modernized Tu-95MSM strategic missile-carrying aircraft in 2018. Today we discussed how to modify Tu-95MS into a Tu-95MSM aircraft. There is a state contract for these aircraft. The first flying craft will be adopted for service by the troops this year," Krivoruchko said.

The Russian Defense Ministry clarified that the Tu-95MS aircraft would be equipped with engines and props with improved characteristics, a set of new radio-electronic aircraft equipment and an arms control system with an expanded range of applied weapons as part of the modernization drive.

Russian navy men will receive the first upgraded Tu-142 anti-submarine aircraft this year. "The contract is signed. The work is underway. Deliveries proceed according to schedule. We will receive the first modernized flying craft this year," Krivoruchko said.

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