AVIC AV500W UAV completes FT-8D missile live-fire test

According to news from the Office of the Commission for Integrated Military and Civilian Development of China's Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee on November 1st, the AV500W light unmanned autonomous helicopter, independently developed by the Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) has successfully completed the FT-8D air-to-surface missile target shooting test at a shooting range, with the missile accurately hitting a target 4.5 km away.

AVIC AV500W UAV completes FT 8D missile live fire test AVIC AV500W UAV firing an FT-8D air-to-surface missile
(Credit: Ecns.cn)

This marks another important milestone after the previous launching test on Tibetan Plateau at Golmud in northwest China’s Qinghai Province in December 2017.

Insiders said that the missile shooting test confirmed that the AV500W unmanned autonomous helicopter has excellent reconnaissance and strike performance and is capable of participating in actual combat.

It is reported that the AV500W is developed on the basis of the AV500 by adding weapon system and modifying designs. The AV500W has a maximum take-off weight of 500 kg, a service ceiling of 5, 000 meters, a maximum speed of 170 km/hour and a maximum cruising time of 5 hours.

With excellent performances in maneuverability, concealment and surprise attack, the AV500W aircraft can be mounted with small laser guided missiles or machine guns. Moreover, it has good reconnaissance and rapid response capabilities. The drone can accurately strike both fixed and moving ground targets. In addition, it can be widely applied in operations including striking strongholds and activities of terrorist organizations and intercepting drug smugglers.

It’s learned that AVIC’s helicopter research project team would continue to test the AV500W with other multi-type weapons.