Jordan offers two Bell AH-1F Cobra attack helicopters to the Philippines

The Royal Jordanian Air Force has announced that it has decided to offer two Bell AH-1F Cobra combat helicopters to its Philippine counterpart, as well as a batch of TOW anti-tank missiles and ammunition. Already last year Jordan had offered three similar helicopters to the Kenyan air force.

Jordan offers two Bell AH 1F Cobra attack helicopters to the Philippines Bell AH-1F Cobra firing 70mm Hydra rockets (Picture source: Royal Rordanian Air Force)

However, this present has nothing to do with the 16 AH-1F Cobras donated by Israel to Jordan in 2015. Here, they are similar helicopters obtained between 1988 and 2001 from the U.S Army stocks and bought at a ridiculous price. At the time, the Jordanians had acquired Bell AH-1Es and AH-1Fs. But these helicopters have aged and no longer meet the standards of the country used to fight against jihadism alongside Western forces.

Wanting to reduce its fleet of combat helicopters, especially since the delivery of Air Tractor AT-802 ground attack aircraft and Boeing AH-61 Little Bird tactical support helicopters, Jordan has chosen to give these Cobras to countries also engaged in the war against Islamist terrorists. Conveying these "free" helicopters is billed to the Filipinos. One way like another for Jordan not to incur too much expense.

In this operation, the Philippine Air Force is a winner because the ex-Jordan Bell AH-1F Cobras remain very powerful machines: armed with TOW anti-tank missiles, 70mm Hydra rockets and above all a 20mm M197 cannon, they remain formidable machines. Especially since these helicopters will be revised before their delivery by boat to the Philippines. They are expected there at the beginning of the summer.