Su-57 pilots to get new G-suit in 2019

The supplies of a new G-suit for the pilots of the fifth-generation Su-57 fighter jets will begin not earlier than in 2019, Director General of Zvezda designer company Sergey Pozdnyakov told TASS on March 30, 2018.

Su 57 pilots to get new G suit in 2019 01 A RusAF Su-57 fighter jet
(Credit: Russian Ministry of Defense)

"The suit passed the ground trials and flight tests are ongoing. Five sets were handed over to Sukhoi Company to gather the necessary statistics. We can speak about procurement and supplies not earlier than 2019," he said.

"Flight tests are long and I believe will take half a year," he added.It is possible to operate both old and new suits. "The new suit considerably increases the time of overload sustained by the pilot. If the aircraft mission demands active maneuvering, a new suit is necessary. If there is no such mission, the old one can be used," Pozdnyakov said.

The new G-suit sustains the overload longer due to higher compensation of the blood deflux from the head. In contrast to the predecessors, it has additional arm squeezing. A G-suit impedes blood deflux from the brain to the belly and legs during maneuvering.