Su-30SM fighter jet officially accepted into VVS service

Multirole Su-30SM fighter jet was accepted into service of the Russian Aerospace Forces by a resolution of the Russian president of January 12, 2018, the Vympel corporate publication of the Toropov Vympel Company of the Tactical Missiles Corporation (KTRV) reported.

Su 30SM fighter jet officially accepted into VVS service 001 A VVS Su-30SM fighter jet
(Credit: Russian Ministry of Defense)

"The multipurpose Su-30SM has been accepted into service by a resolution of the president of January 12, 2018… During the Syrian operation Su-30SM demonstrated high flying qualities and combat effectiveness," it quoted enterprise CEO Nikolai Gusev as saying. Russia’s Defense Ministry will receive 14 Su-30SM fighter in 2018, Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov said last month.

The aircraft are equipped with Vympel designed products type 170-1 and passive jamming devices UV-30MKR. Type 170-1 (medium-range air-to-air guided missile R-77-1) was integrated by Vympel into the Su-30SM set of armaments and determines its high combat potential. UV-30MKR is similar to exported modifications of type UV-30 operational on the aircraft in India, Malaysia and Algeria.

Multipurpose Su-30SM fighter jets operate in the Russian airpower in Syria. Open sources said four Su-30SM have been there since September 2015. The new aircraft which successfully performed in Syria triggered interest in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. Su-30SM numerously escorted strategic Tu-160, Tu-95MSM and Tu-22M3 bombers in Syrian airspace during strikes at terrorists. A wing of Su-30SM also escorted the aircraft of President Vladimir Putin during his visit to Humaymim airbase.

Multipurpose Su-30SM (serial, modernized) (Flanker-H by NATO classification) is designed to win air supremacy and strike at grounds and water surface targets. It has frontal horizontal tailing and steerable thrusters which make it super maneuverable. Su-30SM carries the multifunctional Bars radar. The set of weapons includes a wide range of armaments, including air-to-air missiles and precision guided air-to-surface missiles. Su-30SM can be engaged to train pilots for prospective one-seater jets. The aircraft have been constructed for the Russian Air Force since 2012.

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