Mi-26T2V technical design approved by Russian Defense Ministry

Russian Defense Ministry has approved the technical design of upgraded Mi-26T2V troop-carrier helicopter, said the annual report of the Moscow-based Mil Helicopter Plant.

Russian Defense Ministry and Russian Helicopters discuss delivery of Mi 26T2V helicopters 001 A Russian Helicopters Mi-26T2 Super Heavy-Lift Cargo Helicopter
(Credit: Russian Helicopters)

"In 2017 work continued that had begun in late 2016 on optimization of the Mi-26 helicopter to the Mi-26T2V standard of the upgraded troop-carrier helicopter for the Russian Defense Ministry. The technical design of the helicopter was approved by the state’s customer. The modernization of the aircraft ensures its day and night caoability, all weather operation, improved cockpit ergonomics, automated piloting, navigation and communication, reduced crew fatigue, enhanced flight safety, expanded variety of combat missions, and increased operating readiness. The helicopter is fitted with Vitebsk onboard defense system whose flight trials are scheduled for the first half of 2018 as part of the onboard equipment," the report said.

The report noted that an assembly of an experimental prototype of Mi-26T2V has been completed at the Rostvertol facilities, during which the machine was additionally fitted with instruments and subsystems. The work was completed in May 2018.

Being created based on the Mi-26T2, the "V" version is essentially an upgraded Mi-26T fitted with new avionics. The series production of the T-2 started in May 2015. In the autumn of 2016, it became known that the Defense Ministry ordered creation of a specialized military version of Mi-26T2V, which will be able to take off and touch down from/on unprepared sites. Mi-26T2V is designed for carrying hardware, bulky cargo, and paratroopers.

As previously reported, the first flight of a Mi-26T2V experimental prototype under construction at Rostvertol (incorporated by Russian Helicopters Holding of the Rostec State Cocrporation) was previously due to take place before July.

According to Vladislave Savelyev, Russian Helicopters Holding’s deputy director-general for sale of defense products, the company expects to sign, in 2019, a contract with the Russian Defense Ministry to supply the first batch of those helicopters.

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