BAF C-130H performs first airdrop in operational environment since 2004

By Nathan Gain

A Belgian Air Force (Air Component) C-130H Hercules airlifter recently performed the first airdrop in an operational environment since more than 10 years and the Belgian participation in the UN support mission in Sudan, the 15th Wing Air Transport stated on its Twitter account.

BAF C 130H performs first air drop in operational nvironment in a while 001 A BAF C-130H airlifter performing air drop in support of Malian troops
(Credit: BAF/15th Wing Air Transport)

A BAF  C130H deployed in Bamako, flying for the UN Minusma, performed a tactical air drop operation in order to resupply Malian troops deployed in the field,” the 15th Wing said. 

The last drop in an operational environment dates back to the operations in Sudan a few years ago. This drop is the result of intensive training over the years to preserve our skills,” the 15th Wing Air Transport added.

For the duration of one year, Belgium has deployed one C-130H and 55 members in Bamako as of May 8. A dedicated protection team is escorting the aircrew during each flight. 

Within the 15th Wing, the 20th Squadron is in charge of transporting cargo and personnel, mainly to theatres of operations (tactical transport). It actually flies 10 C-130H transport aircraft.