New VRT500 light helicopter began aerodynamic trials

VR-Technologies Design Bureau of the Russian Helicopters Holding of Rostec Corporation began aerodynamic trials of the light multirole VRT500 helicopter at the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI), Rostec said.

VRT 500 Helicopter aerodynamics tests 001 A mock up of the VRT500 light helicopter unveiled at HeliRussia 2018
(Credit: Rostec)

"Aerodynamic trials are a major stage of the project. Their success will bring us one step closer to the creation of a prototype. At present endurance trials of the lifting system are ongoing. Preliminary results confirm calculated characteristics and high stability of production technology," VR-Technologies CEO Alexander Okhonko said.

VRT500 is a light single engine helicopter with coaxial rotors and a takeoff weight of 1600 kg. It has the biggest cargo and passenger cabin in its class and can carry five people. The rotorcraft is equipped with modern avionics. Its characteristics provide a speed of 250 km/h to a range of 860 km. It can carry a payload of 730 kg.

The helicopter is offered in passenger, multirole, cargo, training, VIP, and medical-evacuation options. VRT500 will become the first medical evacuation helicopter in the world with a takeoff weight below two tons which can load and unload a uniform gurney through the back door which simplifies the process and saves time.

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