White House, Boeing reached $3.9bn informal agreement for new Air Force One

The US President Donald Trump and Boeing reportedly strucked an "informal deal" for the purchase of two new Air Force One aircraft, based on the Boeing 747-8 jumbo jet, the White House said on Tuesday. The new VIP transport jets will replace the two modified 747-200Bs in service since 1990 for an estimated cost of US$3.9 bn.

White House Boeing reached 3001 An rendering of next-generation Air Force One will likely look like
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President Trump has reached an informal deal with Boeing on a fixed-price contract for the new Air Force One Program,” Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley told Reuters news agency.

President Trump negotiated a good deal on behalf of the American people,” Boeing said in a news release. Earlier this month, the Pentagon released US Air Force budget documents for FY 2019 disclosing the US$3.9 billion cost for the program.

In September 2017, the US Air Force awarded a contract modification for just under $600 million to Boeing on for preliminary design efforts for the next presidential aircraft.

These aircraft will start providing worldwide presidential airlift support in 2024, after a series of modifications and tests. Boeing will modify their Federal Aviation Administration-certified commercial 747-8 aircraft to meet presidential operational requirements to help ensure an affordable program.

In March 2017, following a series of requirements reviews, the White House reaffirmed the minimum set of requirements necessary to meet presidential mission needs. The modifications to the aircraft will include incorporating a mission communications system, electrical power upgrades, a medical facility, an executive interior, a self-defense system and autonomous ground operations capabilities.