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Russian Defense Ministry receives another upgraded Tu-95MS bomber

The Tupolev Company of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) handed over to the Defense Ministry a Tu-95MS bomber with an upgraded power plant for acceptance trials, the UAC said on April 19, 2018.

Russian Defense Ministry receives another upgraded Tu 95MS bomber 001 A Tu-95MS strategic bomber previously handed over to the Russian Air Force
(Credit: UAC)

"The strategic Tu-95MS bomber was handed over to the State Test Center of the Defense Ministry for joint acceptance trials," it said.Tu-95MS is equipped with upgraded turboprop NK-12MPM engines designed by Kuznetsov Company and AB-60T propellers of Aerosila. 

The upgrade will increase the payload and takeoff characteristics, the flight range and other parameters.Tu-95MS (Bear-H by NATO classification) is designed to strike at adversary targets with Kh-55 cruise missiles.

The aircraft is 49.13 meters long with a 50.4-meter wingspan. Maximum speed is 830 km/h and the ceiling is 10500 meters. Tu-95MS has four NK-12MP engines. Maximum takeoff weight is 185 tons. The Military Balance publication said Russia operates 60 Tu-95MS of various modifications