Ilyushin progressing towards Il-276 airlifter production plans

The Ilyushin Aviation Complex, which is affiliated with the United Aircraft-Building Corporation, plans to spend 34 million rubles for preparing the Ulyanovsk-based Aviastar-SP plant for producing a perspective IL-276 airlifter and choose a cooperation scheme necessary for the aircraft’s production according to the Ilyushin’s 2018 annual procurement plant.

Il 276 MTC 001 An Il-276 scale model showcased at MAKS 2017

"The technical inspection of the Aviastar-SP plant with an aim to confirm its readiness for launching the production of an IL-276 airlifter should be carried out in October 2018. It is also necessary to choose the optimal scheme of cooperation for the aircraft’s production," the document published at the Ilyushin’s state procurement portal said.

The Ilyushin company also plans to strike a number of deals due to be implemented in December 2018 for R&D works to design an integrated aircraft control system of the IL-276 airlifter; its chassis, a cockpit mock-up, the half-doors of the cargo compartment, the onboard cable network, the fire protection systems as well as other systems and mechanisms. Polymeric composite materials will be used for making the wing devices, the fins and the flap-rail fairing of the IL-276 airlifter.

The IL-276 medium-size airlifter, formerly known as the Russian-Indian Multirole Transport Aircraft, is being developed to replace the An-12 combatant aircraft. The IL-276 is scheduled to make its first flight in 2023. All R& D works are to be over in 2025. Serial deliveries in the interests of the Russian Defense Ministry are due to begin as of 2026.

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