TV7-117ST turpobrop engine flight test trials begin

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TV7-117ST turpobrop engine flight test trials begin
The turboprop TV7-117ST engine for the light Il-112V airlifter and Il-114-300 regional aircraft began flight test trials in the Gromov Institute near Moscow, the press service of the United Engine Corporation (UEC) of Rostec State Corporation said.
Il 112V engine flight test campaign 001UEC's TV7-117ST mounted on a flying laboratory showcased at MAKS-2017 airshow
"The first sortie of the Il-76LL flying laboratory with a test TV7-117ST engine took place at the Gromov Institute in Zhukovsky. The trials will test the performance of the power plant in natural conditions, at various regimes and altitudes," it said.

The flying laboratory with mounted TV7-117ST engines (uprated modification of TV7-117SM engine) was demonstrated at the MAKS-2017 airshow.

The capacity of the Klimov-designed engine at the maximum takeoff regime is 3 thousand HP, at the increased emergency regime - 3.6 thousand HP. The power plant operates jointly with AV112 air screw (designed by Aerosila Company) with higher productivity. The new engines are produced only from Russian-made units and components.

UEC President Yuri Slyusar said the new engine would considerably increase the competitive advantages of Il-112V and Il-114-300 aircraft. The corporation prepared a test laboratory on the basis of Il-76 airlifter in less than a year. The work engaged the Gromov Institute, the Ilyushin Company and the MiG Corporation. Test pilots of the Gromov Institute fly the laboratory aircraft.

Trials of the TV7-117ST engine on the upgraded ODK-Klimov test bench began in September 2016. The TV7-117ST is the basic engine for the power plant of the perspective light Il-112V airlifter. The civilian modification of the engine (TV7-177ST-01) will be the main power plant of the regional passenger Il-114-300 aircraft the serial production of which is to resume in Russia.