First batch of Mi-28UB combat and training choppers ready for delivery

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First batch of Mi-28UB combat and training choppers ready for delivery
Russian Helicopters holding company announces availability of the first batch of training and combat Mi-28UB helicopters for the Ministry of Defense. Machines have already passed through the whole set of factory tests. The first helicopters are scheduled for transfer to the military department in November 2017.
First batch of Mi 28UB combat and training choppers ready for delivery 640 001A Russian Helicopters Mi-28UB combat helicopter
(Credit: Russian Helicopters/Eric Romanenko) 
The main difference of Mi-28UB is the dual control system that allows to pilot the helicopter from both command cockpit and operator's cockpit. This makes training of military pilots who need raid practice on the Night Hunters possible. Also, in combat, in case of an emergency situation, the second crew member can take on the operation of the machine.

The helicopter is also equipped with failures simulation remote, which allows to simulate equipment failure in flight for the trainee pilot and to improve his or her training experience in a crisis situation.

"We are pleased to announce the availability of the first batch of Mi-28UB helicopters. Of course, we are constantly working on improvement of the Mi-28 helicopter taking into account experience of its use in Syria. The emergence of training and combat version offers almost unlimited possibilities in terms of improving the pilots training system for Mi-28N. I'd like to note that the opportunity of learning not on the simulator but on a real combat helicopter is a considerable advantage of our military pilots compared to their colleagues from other countries. Soon we will transfer Mi-28UB helicopters to the Russian Aerospace Forces representatives," said Chief Executive Officer of Russian Helicopters, Andrey Boginsky.

The first Mi-28UB prototype was made by Rostvertol. After completing a major program of factory and state tests, at the end of 2015, the helicopter was launched into production.

Mi-28UB is equipped with upgraded integrated avionics system. The use of this system enables efficient search, detection, recognition, and hitting of ground and air targets.

To provide the required ergonomic parameters of the crew workplaces, design of the helicopter fuselage was changed. Mi-28UB has extended cabin, larger armored glazing and improved view from operator's cockpit. To enhance the combat survivability, Mi-28UB is equipped with the latest on-board defense system.