Russian Helicopters' Mi-28UB combat training helicopter ready for full-rate production

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Russian Helicopters' Mi-28UB combat training helicopter ready for full-rate production
The newest Mi-28UB training helicopter is ready for full-rate production in Rostov-on-Don, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov said. Russian Helicopters produced the first serial examples of Mi-28UBs in late August, 2017.
Russian Helicopters Mi 28UB combat training helicopter ready for full rate production 640 001The Mi-28UB combat training helicopter was showcased for the first time at the International Aviation and Space Exhibition (MAKS) 2013
(Credit: Russian Helicopters)
"The plant has mastered series production, the helicopter is ready for it, and there is already a production contract for it," he said after visiting Rostvertol (part of the Russian Helicopters holding company).

According to Borisov, the first eight helicopters, which the Russian MoD will receive in 2017, will be sent to train the crews in military units stationed in Pushkin, Korenovka and Torzhok.

He also got acquainted with the plant's production facilities, where Mi-28N attack helicopters, as well as Mi-26 helicopters are being built.

The Mi-28UB is a combat training version of the Mi-28N attack helicopter, whose development began in 2010.

The main difference of Mi-28UB from a classical Night Hunter is the dual control system that allows piloting the helicopter from both command cockpit and operator's cockpit. There are other special characteristics. For example, ergonomics is enhanced significantly: energy-attenuating seats with improved characteristics are installed in the cockpit; they can absorb shock energy in case of crash landing. Airborne avionics and communication tools have also been changed, and this increased the helicopter's reliability, safety and performance specifications significantly.

The Mi-28UB, as well as its predecessor, preserves its maneuvering capability and can carry out military tasks at any time of the day or night. The Mi-28UB can be used for fire support of land advanced units and antitank defense. The helicopter possesses improved armor protection and is characterized by high tolerance to battle damage and equipped with a large weapon system.

The main customer of OJSC Rostvertol is the Russian Ministry of Defense. In accordance with the approved schedule, the company delivers the whole line of produced helicopters to the Ministry and modernizes equipment produced for the Russian Ministry of Defense in cooperation with Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant and under the guidance of Russian Helicopters.
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