First Tu-160M2 prototype rolled out in Kazan

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First Tu-160M2 prototype rolled out in Kazan
The first test sample of the strategic Tu-160 bomber built after its production resumed was rolled out at the Gorbunov Aircraft Works in Kazan which is an affiliate of the Tupolev Company, TASS reported on November 16 from the site.
First Tu 160M2 bomber prototype rolled out in Kazan 640 001First Tu-160M2 strategic bomber prototype rolled out in Kazan
(Credit: UAC)
"Available stocks were used to build the aircraft. Its construction aimed at resuming Tu-160 production in a new image: restoring final assembly technologies, checking new technological solutions and new air engines with improved characteristics. The flight of the bomber is scheduled in February 2018," the press service of the enterprise said.

It was reported that the Tu-160M2 prototype with factory number 804 was produced from remaining Soviet stock and will make the maiden flight from the airfield of Kazan enterprise in February 2018. The #804 craft is a Tu-160M2 prototype as a completely new strategic bomber can be fully produced in 2021 at best.

The upgraded Tu-160M2 will feature new mission systems. It will be possibly be powered by upgraded variant of the existing Kuznetsov NK-32 afterburning turbofan.

The airfield of the enterprise is upgraded for Tu-160M2 test trials. A 3.2-km long airstrip was built. It is one of the longest airstrips of defense enterprises in the European part of Russia.

In May 2015, President Vladimir Putin ordered to resume the production of the strategic bomber.

In October 2016, Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov said that 50 planes of the type were planned to be produced.

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