RNoAF's first three F-35A fighter jets landed at Ørland Air Base

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RNoAF's first three F-35A fighter jets landed at Ørland Air Base
The Royal Norwegian Air Force (RNoAF) on Nov. 3 formally took delivery of its first three F-35A fighter jets. The three aircraft, the first to be delivered to Norway, took off from Fort Worth, Texas at 06.35 AM Norwegian time November 3rd and landed at 03.57 PM the same day at Ørland Air Base, the country's Ministry of Defence said on its website.
RNoAF firs three 35A fighter jets landed at 640 001Norway's first three F-35As being escorted by a RNAF F-16 fighter jet when entering the country's airspace
(Credit: Heige Hopen/Norwegian Armed Forces) 
Seven more RNoAF F-35As are currently at Luke Air Force Base, Arizona, where Norwegian pilots are in training. The Norwegian government has plans to purchase up to 52 F-35As. From 2018, Norway will receive six aircraft annually up until, and including, 2024.

"Receiving the first three aircraft is a major milestone for Norway. On November 10th, Norway will celebrate First Aircraft Arrival of the first three F-35s on Norwegian soil. Achieving this milestone is a major step towards increased operational capability for the future," said Major General Morten Klever, Program Director for the F-35 program in Norway's Ministry of Defence.

"This is an historic event. The arrival of the first F-35 in Norway at this time shows that we have reached the timeline set for the acquisition. The program delivers on all key criteria: time, cost and performance. Today we are both proud and happy. The Royal Norwegian Air Force is looking forward to starting their training with the F-35,"added Klever.

The first Norwegian F-35A was rolled out in Fort Worth, Texas, on 22 September 2015. Norway participates in the F-35 program as a Level 3 partner in the system development and demonstration phase, with a view to enabling its industry to compete for industrial opportunities. The Norwegian Air Force and the local defense contractor Kongsberg decided to develop the Joint Strike Missile for the F-35 and other aircraft.