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IDEF 2017: SAGE intoduces Turkey's first indigenously-made air-to-air missiles

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IDEF 2017: SAGE intoduces Turkey's first indigenously-made air-to-air missiles
Turkey's first indigenously-made air-to-air missiles appeared this week during IDEF 2017 defense exhibition. Developed by Tübitak Defence Industries Research and Development Institute (SAGE), the PEREGRINE and the MERLIN missiles are to be used on Turkish Air Force (TurAF) fleet of F-16C/D fighter jets.
Already known for having developed Turkey's first national HGK Precision Guidance Kit, Stand-Off Missile (SOM) and the first aerial bomb, the Neb, SAGE is now adding air-to-air missiles to its family of products.

SAGE began developping the PEREGRINE within visual range and the MERLIN beyond visual range air-to-air missiles in 2013.

The PEREGRINE features high manoeuvrability capability in short range thanks to a high resolution dual color Imaging Infrared Seeker, while the MERLIN is fitted with an Active Radar Seeker for long-range interception. This Active Radar Seeker is the first one fully developed in Turkey. According to SAGE, it will also be integrated in long-range air defence missile systems. SAGE expects it to reach full operational capability in for 2020.

SAGE's PEREGRINE WVR missile is equipped with a smart guidance with launch-and-forget, as well as lock on after launch and datalink update capabilities.
PEREGRINE Air-to-Air missile