Dual-seat JF-17B fighter jet prototype takes to the sky

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Dual-seat JF-17B fighter jet prototype takes to the sky
According to pictures released on social medias, the dual-seat variant of the JF-17 fighter jet, the JF-17B, have made its maiden flight on April 27. Scheduled to be inducted in the Pakistan Air Force this year, The JF-17B has been primarly designed to meet export users needs, which called for the type for in-flight evaluation and advanced training.
First JF-17B dual-seat fighter prototype performing its maiden flight on April 27
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Pakistan and China jointly launched the manufacturing of first prototype of JF-17B Dual Seat fighter jet in April 2016 at an induction ceremony held in Chengdu Aerospace Corporation (CAC) Chengdu, China.

According to analysts, this dual-seat variant would include a new three-axis fly-by-wire flight control system, an active electronically-scanned array (AESA) radar and a modified vertical stabilizer.

The single-engine multi-role fighter jet JF-17 Thunder was jointly developed by China and Pakistan. Its development began in 1999, and the maiden flight was conducted in 2003. The initial Block 1 JF-17s were received in 2007, with production of the upgraded Block 2 JF-17s started in 2013.

Pakistan Air Force officially inducted a fifth JF-17 squadron in Feb. 2017 with Block II fighter jets, which include in-flight refuelling capability, improved avionics, enhanced load carrying capacity, data link, and EW capabilities. As of Feb. 2017, the PAF would have more than 80 JF-17 fighter jets in service.