Russia could sign contract for 10-20 Mi-38 helicopters by 2018

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Russia could sign contract for 10-20 Mi-38 helicopters by 2018
Russia’s Defense Ministry will receive the first batch of 10-20 improved Mil Mi-38 multipurpose helicopters, Russian Helicopters Group Deputy CEO for Marketing and Business Development Alexander Shcherbinin said. The relevant contract may be signed in 2016 or 2017, he added.
Russia could sign contract for 10 20 Mi 38 helicopters by 2018 640 001A Russian Helicopters Mi-38 helicopter prototype
(Credit: Russian Helicopters)
"As far as the number and the design are concerned, we can say that the first batch will comprise from ten to 20 helicopters deriving from the serial-produced Mi-38 rotorcraft that has been seriously upgraded to meet the Defense Ministry’s requirements," Shcherbinin said.

According to him, active discussions are currently under way with the Defense Ministry to decide on the design and the number of helicopters that may be delivered to Russia’s Aerospace Force.

"The relevant agreement on their delivery of these helicopters is planned to be signed in 2016-2017. The exact date depends on the Defense Ministry’s decision. We are ready to do this at any moment," the group deputy CEO said.

Russian Helicopters Group said earlier that the Defense Ministry would become the first customer for the Mi-38 helicopter and a decision on the delivery terms and the timeframe had already been made.

As Russian Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov said at that time, a contract for the delivery of Mi-38 helicopters may be signed in 2017.

The serial deliveries of Mi-38 helicopters are expected to start in 2018.
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