UEC start testing new izdeliye 30 engine for PAKFA fighter jet

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UEC starts testing new izdeliye 30 engine for PAKFA fighter jet
The United Engine Corporation (UEC, a subsidiary of Rostec) has conducted the first start of the advanced engine (Product 30) designed to power the T-50 (PAKFA - Russian acronym for Future Tactical Aircraft), the corporation’s press office says in a news release.
A T-50 PAK FA still equipped with two NPO Saturn izdeliye 117 engines at MAKS 2011
(Credit: Rulexip)

"The test start has been a success. The engine demonstrator was started at the Lytkarino Machinebuilding Plant," the release says.

The engine is under development by the Lyulka Design Bureau under the supervision of General Designer Yevgeny Marchukov dual-hatted as director, UEC explained.

According to the corporation’s director general, Alexander Artyukhov, "advanced design solutions unrivalled in Russia’s engine-making industry have been used" to manufacture the demonstrator.

In addition to the technology demonstrator, several core engines of the sophisticated engine have been made for bench tests.

As was reported in the press, the advanced engine will start powering Russian fifth-generation fighter T-50 (PAKFA) on its sorties in the fourth quarter of 2017. The PAKFA’s maiden flight took place in 2010. The fighter is due to enter service in 2017. For the time being, the prototypes are equipped with the so-called ‘first-phase’ engines (Product 117).
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