Argentina acquires 20 AB206 helicopters from Italy

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Argentina acquires 20 AB206 helicopters from Italy
The Defence Minister of Argentina announced during his visit at Leonardo (AgustaWestland) factory in Italy, the procurement of 20 AB206 helicopters. Along with the Deputy Minister of Logistics, Emergencies and Culture Walter Ceballos, the new platforms would be for the Aviation Branch of the Argentinian Army.
Argentina acquires 20 AB206 helicopters from Italy 640 001A part of the 20 AB206 helicopters acquired by Argentina 
(Credit: Ministry of Defense of Argentina)
Walter Ceballos stated that 19 of the units are expected to arrive in Argentina between September and October 2016. One helicopter would remain in Italy, serving as a trainer for the new crews and engineers. Although the Argentinian Army uses the same platform, there are differences in the electronics that require new training.

In addition, the procurement will include ten GAU-17 machine guns and five stretchers for MEDEVAC. During the meeting, the two sides have agreed on the last details of the contract, including the accreditation of the new platforms and the provision of spare parts.

Finally, Walter Ceballos said that there would also be a discussion on the potential acquisition of AW-169 helicopters and C-27J Spartan transport aircraft.