Russia achieved test campaign of Mi-28N helicopter's new N025N radar

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Russia achieved test campaign of Mi-28N helicopter's new N025N radar
Test trials of radar N025N for attack helicopters Mi-28N Night Hunter have been completed in Russia. It is mounted over the spigot of the lifting rotor, representative of the military-defense complex told the Russian news agency TASS on March 25, 2016.
Russia achieved test campaign ofMi 28N helicopter s new N025N radar 640 001KRET's new N025N radar will be mounted on Mi-28N attack helicopter's rotor
"Test trials of radar N025N for Mi-28N Night Hunter have been completed. All helicopters of the type produced for the state defense order are now equipped with such radars," the source said.

He said serial production of N025N radars had been launched early this year. Previously export-designated radar N025NE was installed only on Mi-28NE helicopters for export. The source said Russian Mi-28N helicopters already in the armed forces can have N025N radars installed during maintenance and modernization.

"As for Russian customers, we have to follow certain regulations, and as long as we have not successfully completed state tests, we cannot produce helicopters with the N025 radar. Therefore, the helicopter is flying without this radar. I think all tests will be completed within a year’s time,” said Igor Nasenkov on August 2015, as quoted by TASS.

The new N025N radar's receiving and transmission antenna module is located on the helicopter’s rotor. Since the radar revolves around a fixed point, it can provide 360-degree visibility.

According to Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), Mi-28NE helicopters with N025NE radars have been officially exported to Iraq (19 aircraft) and Algeria (42 aircraft).
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